How and why we do what we do here.


More presence, playfulness and possibilities!


To create a space where we can playfully rediscover heart-full & intelligent bodies. It is my hope that through this we can gain ease in creating new possibilities and lightness in our lives, relationships, art and world. This is an act of resistance, revelation and revolution.


Safety: moment after moment bringing breath and staying present (showing up).

Gentleness: working at 70% and with “economy of effort;” we don’t have to push ourselves or others, there are other ways of inviting transformation.

Vulnerability: working at the edge of our individual comforts in order to share ourselves and find connection.

Permission: Everything is perfect as it is and we can always consider ways of giving permission to a new possibility.

Presence: showing up for and honouring ourselves; sharing this with others.

Flex-ability: to bend, to explode, rebuild, reconfigure, allow a hole for the new, crack for the light; changing intentions and curiosities as we change and grow.

Joy: a felt sense of joy. An in-joy-ment of breath, of movement, of the simple. An in-life-ening.

Faith: that something will happen; believing there is more than I can anticipate or know – there is always the possibility of surprise.

Grace: “Now is the time for you to deeply compute the impossibility that there is anything but grace.” –Hafiz

Delight:”The twinkle at the heart of it all” is how one class participant described it.

Empathy: softening towards ourselves and others.

Compassion: relating to empathy or a result of empathy; perhaps empathy and kindness mixed together.

Humour: related to openness and honesty; laughter as the event itself rather than as a result of an event.

Integrity: staying connected to and growing with our work; working consciously and responsibly with what we are playing with.

Openness: how do we give ourselves permission to see and be seen?