There’s this exercise we do in theatre and clown class that is called “Wave Good-bye.” Without going into too much detail it is an imaginary exercise in which you wave goodbye to someone you love very much who is leaving on a boat. You act it out but you imagine the person and the boat etc.. Doing this exercise there is generally sadness, because this person you love is leaving you, and there is love because you really want what’s best for them. This exercise is a practice in experiencing both in equal measure viagra generique forum internet — at the same time.

stretchingMy teacher always described it as a heart stretch. This is still the best way I know how to describe that feeling that comes when the heart heads in two directions simultaneously. Nothing is wrong or needs fixing, it’s just a stretch. It happens when:

  • I realize that someone can make mistakes that hurt me and still be an amazing human.
  • It happens when I find a new city/job/home and have to leave the old.
  • It happens when I see something I want real bad and yet the timing isn’t right.
  • It happens when I try something new, and it doesn’t quite work exactly like I’d hoped.

It hurts every time, like an actual physical stretch does, and if I think of it as a stretch it helps.

After all, stretching is good for us they say. It makes us more flexible. It loosens us up. It allows us to fit more inside. And it can hurt real bad.

Here’s to all those that are doing their heart stretches, regularly or irregularly.

They should put this shit in the Olympics (ooo…big can of worms right at the end…).