Tooting My Horn



Please note, I do not post names; however, included below are computer people, retired university professors, therapists, spiritual directors, musicians, teachers, writers, nutritional counsellors, facilitators, graphic designers, actors, and circus performers.


“As a performer and director, this class was so strange and delightful. I found new openness in my work and a new emotional range that I didn’t know I could access. I have new tools which I am already using in the rehearsal room as a director, and I am so excited by this work that I have been telling almost EVERYONE about it. I can’t wait to take another clown class with Lisa – she is one of the most excited, intuitive, and insightful instructors I have ever worked with. Everyone in the class improved so much because she worked with us at our level. It was a wonderful experience. I’m so glad I took this class and stretched myself into work that I had no experience in.”

 ~Director & Performer (Vancouver, BC)

“I can’t believe how many times I surprised myself in Lisa’s class. The space was set in a way that we were led on our own private journeys guided with a cushion of acceptance. I really didn’t think I was funny before coming to class and I approached the class being ok with that, I thought I am creative so I’ll create a way to be funny.  But Lisa didn’t allow time for that preparation in class, at a point it was just me standing in front of people with no choreography or text and something I did led to genuine laughter in others, I couldn’t believe it! The way she coaxes you toward something you already are and strengthens your belief that what you are is enough is fantastic. Thanks so much Lisa, I’m so grateful to find another part of myself!”

 ~Dancer (Vancouver, BC)

“what a transformational weekend!!  The first minute I met you I felt such spaciousness and openness about you which immediately allowed a whole lot of “stuff” in me to fall away.  Then you bring in playfulness into that and WOW!!  Lisa, it really is who YOU ARE that  makes your workshop so accessible to all of us.  It didn’t matter where we were coming from, as we all came into this from many different places.  You  clearly articulated what a play workshop is without it feeling limited.  You gave us the SPACE to engage and step in with such softness and Grace.
SO much shifted, moved, transformed within my sense of who I am and honoring the Presence.  But it was the collaboration and fluidity to be with what IS in each of us.  THAT to me is the expression and living example of the TRUE AUTHENTIC CLOWN!! THANK YOU LISA for BEING YOU and giving me the space to be ME!!”

 ~Nurse (Vancouver, BC)

“Ihave done a lot of workshops on everything you can imagine. […] For the sheer joy that it brought me and the opening up of something I’m not sure I even understand yet, that was the best workshop I have ever been to. As far as the workshop and suggestions…you were perfect. There was a perfect blend of getting us out of our heads…getting us to feel; explore the “masks;” explore performance and connection. The whole weekend, […] for me, was magic. Let me just say that one of the things that happened for me that was very measurable is that I have been sitting and writing new material almost daily. There is something about the approach that you took that unlocked a block that I have had for 20+ years. […] Thanks for everything. It is life-changing work, and that is said from the perspective of weeks after the workshop! When I think of it visually, it is as though you cranked up the wick in a lamp to let the light burn brighter.”

~Software Engineer (North Carolina)

“In many ways this workshop has given me an enormous confidence boost – before we started, this felt like something that could have been nightmarishly outside of my confidence zone, but that evaporated/became irrelevant real quick. Now I am feeling that I can attack all sorts of things, and, although some may still be a stretch for “comfort,” they at least are not the kind of things that have to necessarily be completely ego-implodingly mortifying. On top of that I gained a bunch of surprising insights. […] I came with the hope that this would help me access what’s in me and let that out, and, also to let others in and to more readily see what there is to let in. You (and everyone there) have certainly helped me along that path. Each activity on its own is just that, but I think the spectrum of different things and different personalities is what made this work for me and I thank you for that. I didn’t really know what would come of this when I signed up, but I am very glad I did. Essentially, now I know that what my daughter says about her stomachs also applies here – she has an infinite capacity for tasting more and different foods. Is your stomach full? Just open up another one – there’s an infinite supply! Is there no more room in your heart for laughter? Just open up some more – there is no limit to the space one has for happiness.”

~ Computer Guy & Dad (Bowen Island, BC)

“In Lisa’s workshop I discovered a new way of interacting with people: through play. Play is that uninhibited, free-flowing, unselfconscious state, during which I was able to minimize the voice inside my head and fully engage with others in being open to the moment. As someone with a scientific background, I appreciated the clarity and precision with which Lisa explained new terms, but there’s still no substitute for doing it–when you’re truly playing, you’ll know it!”

~ Geophysicist (Vancouver, BC)

“This has really started a chain reaction in me.  I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I feel that small but essential parts of my ‘joy reflex’ are being restored.  Small things are delighting me again, I have zest for things that had ceased to matter, but once did greatly. This was such a gift – from Lisa to us, and from us to each other.  Seriously good fun!”

-Baker, Mother, Co-housing Community Member (Yarrow, BC)

“I am a facilitator and so I have high standards. Lisa’s teaching style is fluid, attentive and engaging, and her workshop is both whimsical and profound.  She eloquently articulates the experience of risk, learning, identity, and play through personal anecdote, quote, question, and example in ways that indicate her depth of commitment to the world of clown/play. All punctuated with raucus laughter and ridiculousness. I felt held close and pushed off the cliff at the same time in her workshop, as she is a master at drawing the novice into the grand and subtle worlds of play. I made a fool of myself repeatedly, and this had serious significance in my ability to let go and enjoy life more. “

ESL Teacher, Facilitator, Community Developer (Vancouver, BC)

“Necessary Shenanigans provided me with an opportunity to explore my body, emotions and my relationship with playful movement.  This provided me with new information and ideas that I can access when working with my clients in a counselling setting.  What I find most useful is applying playful exercises to help others break away from “sticky thinking.”  “Body as Frame of Mind” ideas will offer my clients an alternative tool they can access when feeling overwhelmed by the stress in their lives.”

~ Substance Misuse Counsellor (Vancouver, BC)

“Amazing workshop today Lisa. “Intro to the Practice of Play” – outstanding! Arrived at the workshop all stiff and sore and tense. Left the workshop 2 hrs later all loose, happy and tired. But a good played-out kind of tired….Thank you.”

~ Former Teacher (Vancouver, BC)

“So first of all, thank you so much for the clown workshop back in April. Those two days of play were so healing and constructive, and have really stayed with me and served as a moment that I’ve revisited and drawn from in countless contexts. I feel more empowered socially and also like I’ve been able to confront things and make progress in a lot of relationships that were in some way stuck. Laughter has been coming easy to me these days, which feels pretty good.”

 ~Artist (Vancouver, BC)

“Lisa’s work helps me reconnect to inner movement in a way that feels safe and supportive. My clown fire feels revitalized and I am reminded that emotional process can be playful and somehow fun. I find her approach unique in its combination of clown with other methods of body-based rediscovery. This shows up in her sensitivity to trauma, her awareness of individual needs, as well as in her ability to successfully articulate the ideas, goals and practices of clown, which are typically slippery and difficult to convey in words. I enjoy Lisa’s emphasis on ‘dynamic relaxation,’ on the breath as a vehicle for uncovering masks, as well as on grounding the work in an open heart. I am deeply thankful for her work.”

~Musician, Artist, & Writer (Victoria, BC)

“I feel like a little bubble of laughter is floating in my belly right now. I am aware of such a deep, rich well of aliveness always there, always ready to be dipped into and tasted….I am so grateful for you and your work. I had been feeling quite uptight for the last month or so […] So coming to the workshop this weekend restored me to my liberty, reminded me that it is ALL PLAY, and that it all can be delightful if I choose. I think you did an excellent job of facilitating. You made us feel safe. The pacing was wonderful. We had enough time to debrief and share, but never got bogged down in too much talking. You allowed space for us to contribute to the conversation, but did not pressure us to share. I know that many of us suffer from performance anxiety (who doesn’t in our highly competitive, judgmental culture?). You managed to bring us to the stage in such a gentle way, we were all ready and willing to go up there when the time came.”

~ Musician & Writer (Mayne Island, BC)

“One of Lisa’s greatest strengths as an instructor is her ability to guide and gently direct while remaining sensitive to individual process. In her workshop, I felt safe and supported to do my own work, knowing that she was available to guide as necessary. Her compassion for her students and herself is truly evident in her work.”

~ Graphic Designer, Nutritionist & Writer (Vancouver, BC)

“I took part in a clowning workshop which she animated, and found it stretching and enlivening. It brought all of us to a keener sense of our own embodiment, and a higher awareness both of other people’s reactions and our own.”

~ Retired University Professor and Minister (Vancouver, BC)


~ Circus Performer and Language Teacher (Vancouver, BC)

“Lisa, “my cup overflows” thank you… I am full with the richness of delight. I like the variety of practices…coupled with theory/content…action, reflection (and teaching) and action, good swing…rhythm. Your being creates such a hospitable and fun space.”

~Spiritual Director and Group Facilitator (Vancouver, BC)