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Polunin, Slava – written interview of Slava Polunin, a Russian Clown

Gibbs, Sam – Gibbs writes about Lecoq and Gaullier’s relationships to play

Gray, Peter – The Play Deficit

Graeber, David – What’s the Point if We Can’t Have Fun

Thesis Extract:

This is an extract pulled from the introduction of my thesis which considers embodiment, play and clowning.

“The Space Between: My Rediscovery of Play as an Adult through Clowning”

Extract from thesis


Play / Mountain has a lot of resources on play, humour, clown, etc.

Gwen Gordon on Play has lots of great resources and articles

The Way of Improvisation: A Resource for the Thoughtful Improvisor


New Shoes: Today’s Clowns in Europe

Seriously: A Movie About Play


Lynda Barry: Writing to Remember, Lynda Barry, a graphic-novelist, talks about play, art, specificity, memory

Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are: Wonderful TED talk

A Trickster’s Theory of Everything: Emily Levine: In this TED talk Emily Levine discusses the political correctness of humour, beauty, subject/object relationships, the trickster, and change, among other things.

The Empathic Civilization: RSA Animate: Empathy and Neuro-science

Mump & Smoot: A wonderful Canadian Clown Duo

Rhonda Blair: Theater & Cognitive Neuroscience: This is a fantastic video looking at how neuroscience relates to the inter-play between acting, ideas of self, imagination, and action.

Chris Bliss: This is your brain on comedy An exploration of the sociology and neuroscience of humor, the alchemy of laughter, and why honesty and integrity are at the heart of good comedy.

John Cleese: A Lecture on Creativity A brilliant talk on light bulb jokes, creativity, play, time, space, and humour.

Tom Waits reading “The Laughing Heart” by Bukowski and Bono reading “Roll the Dice”

Keith Johnstone: Interview #1, Fear and Risk

Stuart Brown: Play is more than just fun A TED talk by a leader in play research