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Recent Posts

  • Forgive the audience

Forgive the audience

  • March 13, 2015

Forgive the audience for not loving you as much as they should, and love them anyways.
I’ll take you back to a workshop that I took with the wonderful Deanna […]

  • The Heart Stretch

The Heart Stretch

  • May 9, 2014

There’s this exercise we do in theatre and clown class that is called “Wave Good-bye.” Without going into too much detail it is an imaginary exercise in which you […]

  • “We are not alone,” says the Clown

“We are not alone,” says the Clown

  • April 3, 2014

The clown sits, hoping, or stands, hopping.

Or curls up and falls asleep under a table, or your right ribs, after years of waiting. After years of being told that […]


“It is life-changing work, and that is said from the perspective of weeks after the workshop! When I think of it visually, it is as though you cranked up the wick in a lamp to let the light burn brighter.” Software Engineer

“I highly recommend Lisa’s work.  She is a truly phenomenal presenter and highly skilled and sensitive facilitator.” Teacher

“Lisa, it really is who YOU ARE that  makes your workshop so accessible to all of us.  It didn’t matter where we were coming from, as we all came in to this from many different places. […] SO much shifted, moved, transformed within my sense of who I am.” Nurse

“I had been feeling quite uptight […] Coming to the workshop this weekend restored me to my liberty, reminded me that it is ALL PLAY, and that it all can be delightful if I choose.” Musician & Writer